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To expand your reach, capture public attention, and effectively target your audience,you'll need the right mobile platform with extensive tools that will take your business to the next level.
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How does VVIN mobilize
& expand your business?

VVIN is a powerful, automated, connectivity tool that...


mobile users into walk-in customers through mobilised content.


potential clients at events, seminars, and roadshows on-the-spot and on-the-go.


cleverly users social media communication to target future buyers.


a customer database through your connections for constant business' growth.

Mobile Marketing


The ecosystem is a business community that shares a mindset of growth and success, that is able to apply marketing priciples on-the-go through the best mobile marketing system in the industry

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Many have partnered with us and succeeded at building their brand and reaching their customers effectively.
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Who are we?

VVIN is an integrated mobile marketing platform, that transforms businesses with professional design, clever analytics, and instant connectivity generating and converting leads in this mobile era.

We have served over 300 major brands, actively bringing our clients to the forefront of digital marketing with a self-deployable system that allows business owners to mobilize their marketing efforts at their fingertips.